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VINE VIDEOS: ‘Avant-Garde-Dance’ at Open East Festival

‘Taxi’ by ‘Avant-Garde-Dance’
Open East Festival, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Stratford, London, E20 2ST (map)

Dancing on Taxis

Dancing on Taxis

Dance routines featuring a London Taxi? If you were at The Open East Festival this weekend, you couldn’t miss this dance collective in action. Here are some Vine videos of the action!

This crew was fun to watch and drew big crowds. Unlike some other dance troupes, I didn’t feel like I was on a disturbing 70’s trip.

PLEA FOR HELP: To anyone who is familiar with disturbing 70’s trips… or those more in tune with the arts… please explain what this Sadler’s Wells performance is trying to tell me… apart from “Drugs are bad… Mmm’kay”.)

The Open East Festival celebrated the first anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of London Olympic Games 2012 and showcased music, art, theatre and street food.

Pictures and review of Open East Festival to follow…





Avant Garde Dance
Ww: www.avantgardedance.com (Not working when checked on 28-July-2013)
Tw: @AvantGardeDance
Other: YouTube / Facebook

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