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PHOTOS & FAQ: What the hell is ‘Truck Stop’? (38 Pics)


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Truck Stop
Wood Wharf (nr Canary Wharf), Preston Road, Docklands, London, E14 9SB (map)

I’ve had a few questions about the Truck Stop London street food event held in Canary Wharf. So here’s the answers to some of the frequent questions. For complete and up to date details visit their website at www.truckstoplondon.com or for realtime info, follow their twitter feed @TruckStopLDN

Truck Stop - Popcorn Shrimp with fantastic Yuzu Mayo!

Truck Stop – Popcorn Shrimp with fantastic Yuzu Mayo!

Should I buy tickets in advance?
I would recommend it! They do take walk-ins but if you book in advance you are given vouchers for £10 worth of drink from the main bar so it’s essentially free to anyone intending to having a few beers/cocktails! I haven’t asked, but I strongly suspect that the ticket sales help the food traders figure out how much food to bring!

Should I get there early?
Yes! Firstly the bars will be up and running from opening time so you can drink beers and cocktails outside. Secondly, the food trucks will have shorter queues before approx. 19h00 so you can spend more time eating and drinking!

Truck Stop - Spit & Roast... before the buttermilk chicken onslaught begins

Truck Stop – Spit & Roast… before the buttermilk chicken onslaught begins

Who is providing the food? Anyone I’ve heard of?
If you’re familiar with the street food scene in London you should recognise most of the traders! When I’ve visited I’ve seen Yum Bun, Mamma’s Jerk, Anna Mae’s Mac & Cheese, Bell & Brisket, Spit & Roast. It’s definitely not a ‘bunch of unknowns’, as someone asked me last week! For a full list of traders see the food trucks part of the Truck Stop website.

What the f&*K is a Chilliback?
A Chilliback is a varient on the ‘pickleback‘. The original pickleback is a shot of whisky chased with a shot of pickle brine… according to Wikipedia “The pickle brine works to neutralize both the taste of the whiskey and the burn of the alcohol”. The Chilliback was invented by Nud of Breddos Tacos. It is a shot of tequila chased with habanero chilli pickle brine. It’s wasn’t the insane spiciness I expected, but it still delivered a warming after kick. Try it!

Truck Stop - Walk ins... pay £10 on the night.

Truck Stop – Walk ins… pay £10 on the night.

How the hell do I get there? / I got lost!
This place is actually next to Canary Wharf Underground Station. Unfortunately Canary Wharf it is the largest and one of the most complicated stations on the London Tube network.

Take the exit for Canada Square or Montgomery Square. If you found the correct one you’ll be at the waterfront where you’ll be able to see the Truckstop vans when you step outside.

What’s the Keg Party?
You can pre-order a 50 pint keg of Camden Hells or Pale Ale for £200. For this, you get your own spot in the ‘rest area’ and an option of “barbecue all evening” for £20 from the Rotary Bar Diner’s “Smoke pit”. (To book email rebecca@streetfeastlondon.com)

If you’re visiting, have an awesome night!

Truck Stop London
Ad: Wood Wharf (nr Canary Wharf), Preston Road, Docklands, London, E14 9SB (map)
Ww: www.truckstoplondon.com
Fb: truckstopldn
Tw: @TruckStopLdn

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