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INTERVIEW: @CityOfLondon speak on the closure of @KERB_ at @LondonGherkin #BattleAgainstTheBland


Business Lunch?

Business Lunch? Keith Burrows eating a roll from “The Rib Man” – Photograph used with expressed permission © Thomas Bowles

Street Food Collective KERB announced yesterday that The City of London has terminated their popular lunchtime street food market at The Gherkin… with immediate effect.

This morning I spoke to Sanjay Odedra, PR contact for Planning at The City of London. He asserted that lack of planning permission is the overriding reason for the closure. However, KERB at The Gherkin has been trading since Nov 2012. So, confusingly, if this is the reason, why have they been allowed to trade for the last 10 months?



On their online petition, KERB have stated that “The City of London Corporation… [are] deeming the market unsightly and unbecoming of such an iconic building [The Gherkin]”, is that true?

“They simply don’t have planning permission and that forms the basis of the action.”

There are rumours that the closure is due to lobbying from local bars, restaurants and lunchtime sandwich shops complaining about lack of business. How many local businesses have complained?

“We [the planning office] are are completely independant from lobbying groups so we are not swayed by complaints from local sandwich shops.”

What specifically are KERB in breach of?

“They don’t have a licence and no planning permission was sought.”

KERB Gherkin has been trading since November 2012. So why have they been allowed to trade at The Gherkin for the last 10 months?

“That’s a good question, I will certainly look into that.”


Interview: 09h30 13-Aug-2012

To follow see the current comments search for hashtag #battleagainstthebland on Twitter

The campaign to keep KERB at The Gherkin continues with the BBC filming the traders at KERB Kings Cross this lunchtime.


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