NEW LONDON CRONUT: The ‘Toffee Apple Crumble’ #CroDough by @RinkoffBakery


New 'Toffee & Apple' Crodough

August 17, 2013 at 04:32PM via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/dHpPoyCc8O/

Cronut fan? The new “Toffee Apple Crumble Cro-dough” is now availble at Rinkoff Bakery

The late night message from fourth generation baker Jennifer Rinkoff read, “Done! It’s hitting the shops tomorrow”.

The Rinkoff Bakery, who claim to be first bakery in London to make their own interpretation of a ‘Cronut’, launched a new variety to the lineup on Friday. The “Toffee Apple Crumble Cro-dough” is their fourth interpretation of the famous Dominique Ansel ‘Cronut’.

Rinkoff Bakery - Cro-dough

Three flavours of ‘cro-dough’ are now available from Rinkoff Bakeries. “Custard Cream”, “Raspberry Coolie” and the new “Toffee Apple Crumble” which replaces the discontinued “Fresh Cream” variety.

If you haven’t heard, a ‘cronut’ is a cross between a croissant and a donut, hence the term ‘cro-nut’. This hybrid pastry is now so popular that queues reportedly appear outside Dominique Ansel’s New York bakery at 05h00… for 08h00

The cronut craze has definitely hit London, but in a rather more sedate, British way. There is a buzz and clamour, but unlike New York, I haven’t heard reports of London pastry addicts camping outside bakeries several hours before opening. Ray Rinkoff, Jennifer’s father and a Master Baker, tells me that cronut-hunters generally start arriving at approx 07h30-08h30 at their Jubilee Street bakery.


All three crodough varieties are available from both Rinkoff Bakery outlets situated in Whitechapel.

Jubilee Street, E1
224 Jubilee Street, London, E1 3BS (map)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 08h00-16h00, Sat (Closed), Sun 08h00-14h00

Vallance Road, E1
79 Vallance Road, London, E1 5BS (map)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri (07h00-17h00), Sat-Sun (Closed)

Source: Twitter: August 14, 2013

Rinkoff Bakeries
Shop 1: 224 Jubilee Street, London, E1 3BS (map)
Shop 2: 79 Vallance Road, London, E1 5BS (map)
Ph: +44(0)207 791 4909
Ww: www.rinkoffbakery.co.uk
Tw: @RinkoffBakery

5 comments on “NEW LONDON CRONUT: The ‘Toffee Apple Crumble’ #CroDough by @RinkoffBakery

  1. I need you to rate the cronut on a scale vs a Krispy Kreme and a croissant. Please?

    • Hi Christine,

      That’s a difficult question as croissant (and cronuts varieties) vary so much!

      If I take the Rinkoff’s cro-dough. It’s looks like an oversized donut in both width and height but they’re very heavy. When you cut one in half you can see layers of croissant pastry and it’s like a denser version of a croissant.

      It’s a lot larger than a Krispy Kreme. (I really should get a standard Krispy Kreme for size comparison!)

      Taste wise, it’s like a donut on the outside with the texture of a dense croissant!

      If you take The Duck & Waffle “Dosant” that’s more like a croissant in look and texture but tastes like a donut.

      Best thing to do is to try them all out! 😉

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