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FEATURE: The Food Brothers (@MamasJerk @TheRibMan @BigAppleHotDogs) at @StreetFeastLDN


August 21, 2013 at 03:42PM via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/dR2sswic7v/

Chicken, Pork or Beef?

These are three of my favourite meaty streetfood vendors here at Street Feast London and probably amongst the most senior in terms of longevity. (From L to R, Adrian Luckie (Mamma’s Jerk), Mark Gevaux (The Rib Man), Abiye Cole (Big Apple Hot Dogs)

CHICKEN – Mama’s Jerk Station (Jerk Chicken)

Mama's Jerk at Street Feast

Mama’s Jerk at Street Feast

Mama’s Jerk serves Jerk Chicken and Fried Plantains from at least 4 resident venues every week including 7 days a week at the Vibe Bar and Camden Lock Market. Plus Portobello Road and Street Feast London. They have also popped up at events like Truck Stop and Notting Hill Carnival.

Adrian says that the Mama’s Jerk marinade was originally made by his late nan who was called Mama by everyone in town. As with most recipes it is a family secret and most of the people employed by Mama’s Jerk seem to be his relatives.

To find them see the find mama’s section of their website.

Ww: mamasjerkstation.com | Tw: @MamasJerk


PORK – The Rib Man (Pork Ribs or Rib Rolls)

Street Feast 2013 - "Holy Fuck" & the hotter "Christ on a Bike" sauce

Street Feast 2013 – “Holy Fuck” & the hotter “Christ on a Bike” sauce

The Rib Man has been a popular fixture on the street-food circuit. This ex-butcher started selling ribs when an accident took his left leg and his livelihood.

Known for his low and slow’ cooked rib meat rolls and his hugely popular blasphemous sauces such as “Holy F&*k”, “Christ on a Bike”, “Holy Mother of God” and “Judas It’s Scarey Hot”. He recently raised over £15,000 on Kickstarter to boost his hot sauce production.

You can usually find The Rib Man at his residency at KERB on Thu lunchtimes (although he is usually around for breakfast), Street Feast London on Friday Nights and his pitch at Brick Lane on Sundays. He is the ONLY streetfood vendor I know who is famous enough to be pinned on Google Maps. Check it out…

Ww: www.theribman.co.uk | Tw: @TheRibMan


BEEF – Big Apple Hot Dogs (Beef, Pork, or Beef & Pork Hot Dogs)

Street Feast (1st Anniversary) - Big Apple Hot Dogs, The Big Pole

Street Feast (1st Anniversary) – Big Apple Hot Dogs, The Big Pole

Abiye Cole is the man behind Big Apple Hot Dogs. All of his dogs are hand-made by a Polish butcher using free-range pork or beef and are 94%-98% meat in natural casings. (Unlike my local supermarket which once sold “less than 5% meat” sausages.) Big Apple Hot dogs usually have a street food cart in Old Street and are now appearing across London in venues like Joe’s Southern and Dime Bar, Battersea. They have recently created a ‘halal’ hot dog and are running a naming competition. Follow them on twitter for the latest updates.

If you’re feeling particularly hungry try the “Big Pole” which is 180g of pork sausage with paprika and black pepper.

You can find Big Apple Hot Dogs at events, festival and streetfood markets suchs as KERB and Street Feast London.

Ww: www.bigapplehotdogs.com | Tw: @BigAppleHotDogs


VENUE: Street Feast London

All three can often be found at Street Feast London on a Friday night who are host to approx 20 vendors every Fri and Sat. This nomadic street food market (with alcohol licence) is currently in residence at Dalston Yard, near Dalston Junction Station.

Happy summer eating all!

Ww: www.streetfeastlondon.com | Tw: @StreetFeastLDN

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