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UPDATES FROM @Tesco and Westminster Council: Tesco “Super mouse” infestation


Tesco Covent Garden Shut due to a ‘serious’ rodent problem

Tesco’s Covent Garden has shut due to a serious infestation of protein enriched mice. ‘Super mice’ have been reported by multiple sources including The Independent, The Telegraph, The BBC and The Evening Standard.

If you had noticed the large Tesco Metro Store in Covent Garden had shut ‘for refurbishment’, note that it was not for ‘cosmetic reasons.

It appears that Environmental Health inspectors ordered the store to be closed due to the a ‘serious’ mice infestation. This has been widely been reported as ‘Super-mouse’ by multiple national and London news organisations.

“Super-sized mice were photographed inside food crates, munching their way through kilograms of stock meant for shop shelves and customers’ shopping baskets.” – Source: IB Times

In response to my tweets this morning I received the following response from Tesco.

“We insist on the highest standards of hygiene in our stores and we are very sorry that we fell short of those standards in Covent Garden last year. We took urgent action to deal with this isolated incident and voluntarily kept the store closed whilst we carried out a complete refit. We have been working hard to ensure our high standards are maintained so that this will not happen again”

Source: Twitter @Tesco

Following a conversation I had with Westminster Council I received the following email response.

“Just to confirm Westminster City Council formally closed the Tesco store by serving a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice. The Court later confirmed that we were correct in doing so when we applied as per the statutory procedure. At the time Tesco asked to be allowed to voluntarily close but we refused this due to having no confidence in management (the store was open and trading in the full knowledge of the conditions there).”

– Source: Fergus Sheppard, PR, Westminster City Council

Ww: www.tesco.com
Tw: @Tesco


  • The Telegraph
    Tesco told to shut flagship Covent Garden store over ‘serious’ mice infestation
  • BBC News
    Tesco Covent Garden has ‘serious mouse problem’
  • Metro
    ‘Supermouse’ found in Covent Garden Tesco gorging on raw meat
  • The Evening Standard
    Covent Garden Tesco ‘plagued by protein fuelled supermouse’
  • International Business Times
    Rodent Hell at Tesco: Meet ‘Super Mouse’ the Protein Addict
  • The Independent
    Squeaky unclean: Dirty, massive ‘super mouse’ lands Tesco supermarket with £45,000 fine

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