REVIEW: “Bacon Naan Roll” @Dishoom’s Ltd Edt Breakfast w/@GingerPigLtd Bacon


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“Bacon Naan Roll” is already a popular breakfast dish at Dishoom, London’s interpretation of a ‘Bombay Café’. Supercharge this favourite with “5 day, dry-cured with rock salt and demerara sugar then cold smoked over oak chips” bacon from one of London’s best known butchers, and you get an amazing breakfast treat.

The Ginger Pig is familiar to many Londoners with an interest in meat. This butcher supplies some of the best restaurants in London. If you love Hawksmoor or Honest Burgers, you’re eaten meat from a Ginger Pig farm. Their six London butcher shops are also the home to the largest sausage rolls I’ve ever seen weighing over 270g each!

Dishoom is an interesting concept, designed to bring a flavour of the Bombay Café to London. From my understanding, the Bombay Café isn’t too different from a London Café, an eating and drinking venue for all sections of society. Alongside competitor Roti Chai, Dishoom seems to target a niche which is neither ultra-high end like Karam Sethi’s Michelin Starred ‘Tamarind’ nor traditional ‘British Curry House’ but an accessible mid ranged venue.


Freshly baked naan wrapped around char-striped back bacon direct from the grill, with a most palatable combination of chilli, tomato jam, cream cheese and herbs 3.70

The Ginger Pig limited edition – rare bread streaky bacon, dry-cured with rock salt and demerara sugar then cold smoked over oak chips. First class 5.90

Source: Dishoom Breakfast Menu

At £5.90 The Ginger Pig Limited Edition Bacon Naan Roll is a whopping 60% more than the £3.70 non-indulgent version. I ordered and then checked into Foursquare, which promptly rewarded me with a “Newbie special” of a ‘Bacon Naan Roll’ or a ‘Mango & Fennel Lassi’. I ordered a Bacon Naan Roll to go with my Ginger Pig Naan Roll for comparison… and was promptly given a Mango & Fennel Lassi instead. Maybe I was misunderstood, or confused the poor chap by ordering a free ‘bacon naan’ as a side to my ‘bacon naan’.

Dishoom: Mango & Fennel Lassi

October 07, 2013 at 09:32AM via Instagram http://instagram.com/p/fKNq7vic3X/

I didn’t complain as the lassi looked (and tasted) amazing! The fennel seeds give a nice offset to the mango when you bite into them.

The dish arrives as a fresh small naan folded and sliced in two with several pieces of bacon inside on a chilli tomato jam, cream and some green herbs. In essence the dish is nicely balanced, but the flavour of this bacon is absolutely phenomenal. Lovely sweet and smokiness. Only when the bacon stepped aside you can appreciate the rest of the dish. I have been told that the naan is made fresh from the tandoor on demand for each order, and it shows in the freshness. The chilli jam isn’t spicy but to be honest it isn’t needed as it was just supporting the bacon.

I am writing this in Dishoom right now. The ladies sat next to me have just been visited by the waiter who has highlighted the special.

Lady1: “Ooo… Ginger Pig bacon… that sounds DEADLY…”
Lady2: “Mmmm… I eat here all the time, I love the regular Bacon Naan Roll…”

If you like bacon, you’ll like the Ginger Pig Limited Edition Bacon Naan Roll. Think of it as a bacon sarnie, but with amazing bacon, fresh baked naan instead of sliced white bread and tomato jam and cream cheese instead of tomato sauce. So nothing like a regular sarnie… more like a posh bacon sandwich as interpreted by an Indian chef in the days of the East India Company.



Surprisingly, I have not sampled the original Bacon Naan Roll so I can’t give a comparison. However, the limited edition version has one awesomely strong bacon, the flavour cuts through everything else. The tomato chilli jam, cheese and herb flavours only come through later once the bacon makes an exit. Bewarned, if you’re a bacon connoisseur you’ll probably be seeking out your nearest Ginger Pig so you can fry up slices of the stuff at home! It is that good!


  • FEATURE: ‘Ginger Pig’ vs ‘Greggs’ – Sausage roll stand off!
  • RECOMMENDED: @GingerPigLtd for the most amazing (and largest) Sausage roll ever!

    BACON SUPPLIER: The Ginger Pig
    Ww: www.thegingerpig.co.uk
    Fb: https://www.facebook.com/TheGingerPig
    Tw: @GingerPigLtd

    RESTAURANT: Dishoom
    Ad: (Covent Garden Branch) 12 Upper St Martin’s Ln, London, WC2H 9FB (map)
    Ww: www.dishoom.com
    Fb: dishoomlondon
    Tw: @Dishoom

    3 comments on “REVIEW: “Bacon Naan Roll” @Dishoom’s Ltd Edt Breakfast w/@GingerPigLtd Bacon

    1. Raw fennel on lassi, god dishoom have got it wrong. The quality of bacon in the normal naan roll is so pathetic you wonder why the ginger pig roll is a ltd edition . Ive been there five times and have eaten pre cooked dross on each occasion. I’m mortified they can take peoples money serving such badly prepared food. The owners should stick to selling tilde rice.

    2. I had a regular bacon naan a couple of months back and I was completely in love with it, I can’t look at a bacon roll in the same way now, guess you can’t please everyone though!

    3. Reblogged this on londonmunchies and commented:
      Having loved the original bacon naan roll from Dishoom the prospect of one with Uber bacon excites me a LOT!

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