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#WilkesWeekly – (06-Nov-2013) New Restaurants, Events and Pop Ups


Bob’s Lobster, now at Street Feast



Streetfood is moving indoors! This week, new streetfood venture ‘Night Tales’ launches on Thursday night followed by the immensely popular ‘Street Feast’ on Friday. Both events will be in Hackney with a midnight licence for Night Tales plus a long awaited 2am licence for Street Feast.

Foxlow, the latest Hawksmoor venue is getting plenty of ‘thumbs up’ from those lucky enough to grab a soft launch booking. For those who didn’t win at the game of ‘launch stampede’, Foxlow will be fully open from Wed 14th Nov.

Finally the cronut franken-pastry evolution continues. Three new venues have announced cronuts, BRGRCO in Soho have launched the ‘Dessurger’ (Dessert Burger), Brownie Box have launched ‘Bronuts’ (Brownie Donuts) and Whyte & Brown launch ‘Twisted Cronuts’… opting to break the naming convention, thankfully avoiding the eye watering name of ‘Twisted-nuts’.

ABOUT THESE UPDATES: This is the weekly update of “What’s happening?”, “What’s opening?”, “What’s new?” and “What’s good?”. This lists events, openings, streetfood, bars, plus anything interesting which has sprung up on my radar. It IS NOT a comprehensive listing, as there are way too many in our great city and there are others already doing a great job of that right now.


– Burger & Lobster (Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge) FULL LAUNCH, WED 06-NOV
– Strip Bar & Steak (Steakhouse, Farringdon) OPENING THU 07-NOV (est)
– Foxlow by Hawksmoor (Modern British, Farringdon) FULL LAUNCH, WED 14-NOV

– Night Tales (Hackney) Thu 07-Sat 09 for 6 weeks until Sat 14th Dec
– Street Feast at Hawker House (Hackney) Fri 08-Sat 09 Nov for 6 weeks until Sat 14 Dec

– Whyte & Brown – ‘Twisted Cronuts’ AVAILABLE NOW
– BRGR.CO – ‘Dessurger’ (Dessert Burger) AVAILABLE NOW
– Brownie Box – ‘Bronut’ (Brownie Doughnut) AVAILABLE NOW




Burger & Lobster (Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge)

Launches TODAY (Wed 06-NOV)

Burger & Lobster - 8lb10oz monster!

Burger & Lobster – 8lb10oz monster!

Burger & Lobster, the champions of ‘do a few things but do them well’ held the launch party last night for their fifth outlet in Harvey Nichols. For a venue which only had one outlet a few years ago their growth has been immense as the queues at their restaurants. This Burger & Lobster is built into newly extended space on the 5th floor of the Knightsbridge department store. It sits alongside the food market, café and wine shop.

As expected, Burger & Lobster is sticking to its tried and tested formula of, Lobster, Lobster Roll or Burger. Any item £20. As per their other venues, expect a fantastic range of cocktails to accompany your bargain lobster.

Ad: 5th Floor, Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7RJ (map)
Ww: www.burgerandlobster.com | Fb: burgerandlobster | Tw: @Londonlobster


Strip Bar & Steak (Steakhouse, Farringdon)

Opening Thu 07-Nov (Est)

Strip Bar & Steak is the basement venue in the newly refurbished Malmaison Hotel in Farringdon. The name is somewhat misleading as ‘strip’ actually refers to the type of steak on offer… not the entertainment. The venue will focus on USDA Black Angus Prime New York Strip hand cut from 250g to 550g. Sides will include a rather exuberant sounding ‘truffle mash’ alongside the more traditional Mac & Cheese. For those who prefer ‘surf’ to their ‘turf’, Tuna Mignon, Halibut and Diver Scallops will be on also be on offer alongside a selection of specials including Lobster Curry!

Strip Bar & Steakhouse at Malmaison

Strip Bar & Steakhouse at Malmaison

For wine lovers, take note. There will be “over 100 wines all available by the glass. Ranging from £20 to £800 guests will be able to sample some of the world’s finest wines without having to splash out on the whole bottle.”

A few people (myself included) have noticed a passing similarity to the font and styling of their marketing campaign and that of the STK Steakhouse which opened almost 12 months ago in the Melia Hotel. However Malmaison has confirmed to me that there is no link whatsoever and the venue is completely independent.

“The interiors will combine urban style with a touch of Las Vegas, featuring exposed brick walls, dark wooden tables and floors and plush leather seating. Guests will be lead into the restaurant by neon lights and daily specials will be advertised on a model of the classic Nevada Stardust Casino sign. The split-level restaurant will offer booths on the upper level as well as three intimate booths for 8 people hidden below exposed-brick archways. A private dining room for 12 people will sit on the edge of the restaurant allowing diners to soak up the atmosphere whilst having a touch of privacy.”

Source: Press Release

The launch party is scheduled for tonight (Wed 05 Nov) so I ‘expect’ the venue will be open to the public on Thu 06th but this is not confirmed.

Ad: 18-21 Charterhouse Square, Farringdon, London, EC1M 6AH (map)
Ww: www.malmaison.com | Fb: StripBarLDN | Tw: @StripBarLDN


Foxlow (Modern British, Farringdon)

In soft launch, full opening expected WED 14 NOV

Meatopia - Hawksmoor, Anch & Deck (Charcoal grilled deckle steak with anchovy butter)

Meatopia – Hawksmoor, Anch & Deck (Charcoal grilled deckle steak with anchovy butter)

Popular steak restaurant Hawksmoor opens Foxlow on the former venue of North Road and The Clerkenwell in St John’s Street, Farringdon. As expected, this 100 cover venue will be ‘meat-centric’. Good nows for those of you who were at ‘Meatopia’ earlier this year and loved Hawksmoor’s offering of ‘Anch & Deck’ (i.e. Anchovy butter on Deckle Steak). This deckle cut and is expected to feature on the menu.

The venue is currently in ‘soft launch’ mode and is expected to launch fully on November 14th. Unfortunately if you don’t have a soft launch reservation you’re too late. As with all the recent Hawksmoor soft launches, the ‘50% off food’ caused an virtual stampede and all the places were booked within minutes!

Ad: 69-73 St Johns Street, Farringdon, London, EC1M 4AN (map)
Ww: www.foxlow.co.uk | Fb: FoxlowRestaurant | Tw: @FoxlowEC1




This week is huge for Streetfood. The hugely popular Street Feast returns but with newcomer ‘Night Tales’ launching within 30 minutes walking distance. Both start a series of six weekends in the run up to Christmas. Both venues have some fantastic streetfood vendors, both offer specialised hot drinks bars serving alcoholic hot chocolates and both will be in covered venues.

However it will take a monumental effort to beat Street Feast with their stellar reputation as THE big streetfood party venue. Street Feast returns this weekend with its consistently impressive line up PLUS the addition of summer streetfood hit ‘Bobs Lobster’ with their lobster rolls. The drinks offering includes a whisky bar of 50 whiskies, a dedicated wine bar plus a ‘hot bar’ serving drinks like Hot Buttered Rum, and Hot Chocolate laced with cognac and green chartreuse. All with a 2am licence!


“Night Tales” (Dalston)

Every Thu(18h-23h)/Fri(18h-00h)/Sat(15h-00h) from Thu 07 Nov until Sat 14th Dec

Night Tales - Click for full details

Night Tales – Click for full details

For the first time it appears that Street Feast has a direct rival for the Friday night streetfood and party crowd. The ‘Night Tales’ team is the same group behind the Dalston Roof Park and they have brought some heavyweight streetfood names as residents for their 6 week run. This includes the immensely popular Patty & Bun Joe, considered by many to be the best burgers in London. They are joined by ‘Bao’ who won the 2013 British Streetfood ‘Best Main Dish’ Award for their steamed buns and from a purpose built ‘Bao Bar’.

The offering by ‘Night Tales’ is spookily similar to ‘Street Feast’ (Halloween pun intended). On paper, they sound equally matched, both feature great streetfood vendors and both have hot (and alcoholic) drinks bars. It will be interesting to see which venue attracts the crowds this weekend as both venues debut this week.

FOOD – Patty & Bun Joe, Bao, Rainbo…
Big name streetfood vendors include the hugely popular Patty & Bun Joe Burgers, Bao and Rainbo will be serving their steamed buns and gyoza from a purpose built food bars. For those who like meat, ‘Smokey Tails’ will be serving US Southern Style BBQ ribs and pulled pork.

DRINK – Mezcal, Negronis, Craft Beers and Absinthe Hot Chocolate
A mezzanine Mezcal Bar and a ground floor Negroni Station will cater for cocktail drinkers. For the brew aficionados craft beers will be available, while those who want to keep warm will have a selection of Mulled Wine, Hot Spiced Cider and an Absinthe Hot Chocolate!

FULL DETAILS: see the NIGHTTALES_release_logo-BG-only

Ad: Abbot Street Car Park, Dalston, London, E8 3DL (map)
Ww: (None Found) | Fb: NightTalesLDN | Tw: @NightTalesLDN


Street Feast at Hawker House (Hackney)

17h00-02h00 Every Fri/Sat from Fri 08 Nov until Sat 14 Dec

Street Feast - Hawker House

Street Feast – Hawker House

It’s back! For those of you who miss the regular Friday night food festival which is Street Feast it’s time to rejoice as they will return next week “creating an amazing late night indoor eating emporium out of an old factory and African ministry near Broadway Market”. In an homage to the awesome streetfood scene in Singapore, ‘Hawker House’ is modelled on the the bustling markets you will find throughout Asia where people eat outdoors all year round.

Pitched up in a former factory and store on Pritchard’s Road E2, Hawker House is sandwiched between Broadway Market and Hackney Road. Street Feast regulars Yum Bun and Stripped both started out in the Broadway Market school yard market nearby and Netil Market’s shack alley includes Lucky Chip, Bao and Fin & Flounder, alongside Hawker House residents Cooking Cooks and Breddos Tacos.

Eat at Street Feast with Dom Cools-Lartigue

Eat at Street Feast with Dom Cools-Lartigue

Following the success of their Taco Shack at Dalston Yard this summer, Breddos Tacos return with Slider Bar. There’ll be fresh pasta from Cooking Cooks, a naan bar from Rola Wala, and steamed gua bao from Yum Bun, while both Baba G and Spit & Roast will be creating new one pot wonder dishes for Hawker House. There’s only space for one van inside Hawker House and for our six week run the charming red & white VW of BOB’s Lobsters will be serving up lobster treats aplenty. Smokestak will park up their 4.5 tonne smoker right outside Hawker House, ensuring a supply of perfectly smoked beef and pork ribs. Sorbitium’s Sweet Station will feature a host of warm puddings to complement their ever tempting ice cream creations.

After a summer of lubricating Dalston with Mojitos and Margarita slushies, autumn ushers in a change of pace at the bar. The Gin Store will be back at Street Feast next spring, replaced by The Whisky Bar at Hawker House with 50 different whiskies to try – Scotch, rye, Irish, bourbon and more. In the heart of Hawker House is the Hot Bar, with bubbling cauldrons of our unique takes on seasonal favourites like Hot Buttered Rum, Hot Wine, and the Hawker Hot Chocolate laced with cognac and green chartreuse, plus Hot Applegrasss with Zubrowka, lemon, ginger and apple juice.

Street Feast (1st Anniversary) - Bank Holiday Crowds

Street Feast (1st Anniversary) – Bank Holiday Crowds

Wine lovers will welcome the return of Street Vin with a full restaurant ready list of house favourites and big hitters plus a Magnum of week, some bargain bin ends, a special selection of claret and lots more Lambrusco. The main Rotary Bar will serve some of London’s best craft beers and expect to enjoy a new list of short, long and strong cocktails that will warm you from the inside out.

Over the summer, Saturday afternoons were brought to life by events like Ginstock and Gizzi Erskine’s Street Fiesta. We have similar plans at Hawker House and expect Street Feast family members Gizzi Erskine, Ben Spalding, Tim Anderson, Carl Clarke and others to make an appearance or two along the way.

Street Feast (1st Anniversary) - Sweet Tooth Factory... with Holy Fuck Cupcakes

Street Feast (1st Anniversary) – Sweet Tooth Factory… with Holy Fuck Cupcakes

With a Whisky Bar, a wine bar, a hot bar and the Rotary Bar, we won’t kick you out into the cold at midnight just when you’re getting comfy. Hawker House stays open late every Friday and Saturday night, with DJs playing your kind of soundtrack until 2am.
Over the summer, Street Feast transformed derelict city spaces into vibrant eating environments for thousands of people and we’re doing the same this autumn – creating an amazing late night indoor eating emporium out of an old factory and African ministry near Broadway Market.
See you there.

Source: Dominic Cool-Lartigue, Street Feast

Ad: Hawker House, 38-50 Pritchards Road, Haggerston, London, E2 9AP (map)
Ww: www.streetfeastlondon.com | Fb: streetfeastlondon | Tw: @StreetFeastLDN




The doughnut-croissant hybrid breeding program is evolving. The original London cronut guide listed 6 bakers. Several more appeared in the weeks that followed, including Aubaine and even Greggs The Baker. Here are the latest three. The ‘Twisted Cronut’ (served hot with ice cream by Whyte & Brown Restaurant), the ‘Desserger’ (Dessert-burger) by burger restaurant BRGRCO and the entirely different ‘Bronut’ (Brownie Doughnut) by cake boutique, The Brownie Box.


Whyte & Brown (Restaurant)- ‘Twisted Cronuts’


Whyte & Brown - Twisted Cronut

Whyte & Brown – Twisted Cronut

This is the only one of the three which I have tried so far. It is a ‘made-to-order’ freshly fried cronut, served hot, rolled in cinnamon sugar and topped with ice cream. The croissant dough is surprisingly light, especially as the pastry layers are clearly exposed, I would expect the oil to have soaked into the dough like a sponge but that hasn’t happened.

The hot freshly made element is impressive. Just like a hot freshly fried ring donut, they are quite satisfying. One point to note, the twisted cronut is part of a new revamped menu which also includes lots of craft beers, so its one for chicken fans to revisit.

Ww: whyteandbrown.com Fb: WhyteandBrown Tw: @whyteandbrown


BRGR.CO (Restaurant) ‘Dessurger’ (Dessert Burger)


Since burgers and cronuts are two of the most talked about items on the London food scene now, it was only a matter of time before someone created the ‘Burger Cronut’ hybrid. This hasn’t quite happened but this is close. From the description it seems to be a more of a sweet ‘dessert-burger’ using a sugared brioche bun filled with sweet fillings to give it a burger like appearance. It definitely isn’t a true ‘cronut’ as it doesn’t use croissant dough but it looks like people are enjoying them.

This is the information I received. If you try a ‘desserger’, let me know what you think of them as I haven’t sampled one yet!


A deliciously fun alternative to the highly lorded cronut and croudough, the Dessurger is a sweet take on the staple burger; with a sugar coated brioche bun forming the base of the dessert, and vanilla parfait and pistachio praline forming the patty. Blackberry jam, Chantilly cream and lemon posset custard, offer an innovative play on the mustard and ketchup.

The unique dessert is ideal for sharing and will be created daily in limited batches in BRGR.CO’s Soho restaurant.

Ww: www.brgrco.co.uk Fb: brgrcosoho Tw: @BRGRCOSOHO


Brownie Box (Cafe) ‘Bronut’ (Brownie Doughnut)


The Brownie Box - 'Bronut'

The Brownie Box – ‘Bronut’

This is the ‘Bronut’ which they describe as “a light, fluffy chocolate ring, draped in a sugar glaze. Just like their original brownies, each bite reveals milk chocolate chunks hidden in the batter. The Bronut has the ‘chocolatyness’ of a brownie, and the lightness of a doughnut.”

I have been invited to try one but haven’t made my way over to try them yet. Hopefully I will get to sample one soon. Again, if anyone has tried one, let me know what you thought of them.

Ww: www.browniebox.co.uk Fb: brownieboxon247 Tw: @brownieboxon247





London is an awesome city for events. I am asked what is happening a lot. There is no way I can cover everything happening, however there are several good sites to use, depending on what you’re seeking.

Best for… Restaurant Openings: “Coming soon” by Hot-Dinners
Best for… Pop-Up Events: “Weekly Newsletter” by London Pop-ups

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