FIRST IMPRESSIONS: What is Hawker House like? @StreetFeastLDN (23 Pics)


Friday was the debut of Hawker House, the winter venture by the hugely successful ‘Street Feast’ team. These guys dominated Friday nights in the summer with their mixture of street food, events and party vibes. Can the winter incarnation of this collective recreate the magic? From my visit on their debut night last Friday, the answer is an emphatic yes.

The street feast crew are back with their latest venture, ‘Hawker House’. Inspired by the famous Singapore style street food markets this is a large warehouse area shaped into a food and drink extravaganza in Hackney.


Hawker House - Bars & Food

Hawker House – Bars & Food

For those of you who remember rave parties in warehouses of the late 80’s and early 90’s, think of this as the sophisticated evolution of those events into what can be best described as a ‘food rave’. Considering the club and cocktail bar credentials of the organisers, this should be absolutely no surprise. The venue is packed full of street food vendors, bars and music. Sedate enough for you to comfortably chat on a night out with your friends, but with truckloads of atmosphere.


Hawker House - Bob's Lobster brings lobster rolls!

Hawker House – Bob’s Lobster brings lobster rolls!

Food is provided by a selection of street-food vendors. Lobster rolls, sliders, tacos, lamb chops, jerk chicken and ribs are all on offer by TEN food traders on the first week. Drinks are provided by four bars. This includes a whisky bar with FIFTY different whiskies and bourbons, a dedicated wine bar, and a ‘Hot Bar’, providing a range of hot alcohol including ‘Hot Buttered Rum’, ‘Hawker Hot Chocolate’ (laced with cognac and green chartreuse) and ‘Hot Applegrasss with Zubrowka, lemon, ginger and apple juice’.

Whisky fans, the whisky bar selection is a quality affair. I already spotted several of the Compass Box specialist range plus some premium ryes.


Hawker House - Cryptic Tattoos at Bob's Lobster

Hawker House – Cryptic Tattoos at Bob’s Lobster

It was a tough act to follow, but the Street Feast gang have literally raised the bar, yet again (there are four in the venue). If you loved their summer events like ‘Rib Stock’, ‘Taco Wars’, I highly recommend you follow them on Twitter to find out about any one-off special events.

If you’re visiting from abroad and want to see what the London underground food culture is like, come here and you’ll get the idea.

NOTE: Many thanks to Street Feast and José Cuervo Tequila for the invitation and hospitality on Friday.

Ad: Hawker House, 38-50 Pritchards Road, Haggerston, London, E2 9AP (map)
Ww: www.streetfeastlondon.com | Fb: streetfeastlondon | Tw: @StreetFeastLDN

2 comments on “FIRST IMPRESSIONS: What is Hawker House like? @StreetFeastLDN (23 Pics)

    • It was fantastic fun. I visited both Hawker House and Night Tales. They are both good but subtly different. Personally I preferred Hawker House as

      1. It’s fully enclosed
      2. It’s more food focused (10 traders vs 4 at Night Tales).

      I reckon that Night Tales will probably attract a younger crowd on average and I hear they will be focusing on getting name DJs to play in the coming weeks.

      If you haven’t been to either it’s well worth visiting both. Be good to get the Sampire & Salisfy take!

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