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OPEN NOW! @PLAYSTATION 4: Hands on #4ThePlayers lounge in @CoventGardenLDN


Get hands on with the Playstation 4 at the Playstation Lounge in Covent Garden.

Open Fri Nov 15- Sun Dec 01

Playstation 4: Get a preview at #4ThePlayers lounge, Covent Garden

Playstation 4: Get a preview at #4ThePlayers lounge, Covent Garden

If you want to play with the new Playstation 4 before its official UK launch (29 Nov) head down to Covent Garden where a shop has been installed with lots of launch titles for gamers to test drive!

Games on offer include ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’; ‘Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag’; ‘Battlefield 4’, ‘FIFA 14’, plus some unusual platform and puzzle games. (Note: The 18+ titles are hidden away in an ‘adults only’ area.)

The graphics on the majority of the titles are astounding. Considering that many games specifically written for the new PS4 architecture are still in development, this should only improve… so get yourselves to Covent Garden!


Great driver? Visitors can complete to win a free Playstation 4 by completing the best lap in ‘Need for Speed: Rivals’. See the staff for info.

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  • Ad: 17 Bedford Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 9HE (map)
    Ww: uk.playstation.com/ps4/ | Fb: playstationaccess | Tw: @Playstation_EU

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