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PREVIEW: Black Roses on Valentines Day? #ThinkInk by @Miss_Cakehead & @TheKrakenRum_UK (31 Pics)


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Want to get touch with your darker side this Valentine’s Day? Miss Cakehead and The Kracken rum bring you a one day pop-up full of black flowers… perfect whether you’re are dating a Goth, an Emo or anyone else relatively ‘undead’. “Think Ink” is a pop-up florist which will offer macabre bouquets in “Grave Vases” for a £5 donation.

Think Ink - Black Flower Florist

Think Ink – Black Flower Florist

Apparently this pop-up isn’t just for those who have a cold, dead and dark heart (like mine). This is an alternative for those who are bored of the standard red roses. You can pick up a bunch of these black flowers at a pop-up in on Valentines Day. Perfect for those who want to freak out the psycho ex-girlfriend/boyfriend too.

Miss Cakehead and The Kraken Rum teamed up last year for their Halloween special full of unusual and suitably disturbing baked goods. See this post for images of their seriously freaky cakes.

NOTE: If you’re impatient, the most “extreme NSFW” example is here… but bear in mind that some things you just can’t ‘un-see’.



Think Ink - Black Flower Florist

Think Ink – Black Flower Florist

Apparently black flowers don’t exist in nature, however the bouquets on offer will feature both Calendula Lily Eclips and Queen of the Night Tulips which are a very dark shade of purple.

The black roses in the pop-up are actually red roses which have been placed in black “Kraken Ink” instead of water. The ink is sucked up by the stem, colouring the flowers and leaves in the process. Clever eh? Anyone remember this from school biology class?



Think Ink - Black Flower Florist

Think Ink – Black Flower Florist

This pop up is for ONE DAY ONLY, namely Valentines’ Day. Visit unit G.14 of Kingly Court (junction with Kingly Street) nr Carnaby Street from 08h00 in the morning until the flowers sell out. For your £5 donation you will get a 50ml miniature of Kraken Rum, a bunch of black flowers in a grave vase and a choice of 2 messages taken from the lyrcos of the Kracken Rum Sea shanty by Ross Millard of The Futureheads.

If your beloved isn’t happy with them… just get rid of him/her for being such an ungrateful bitch/bastard.


Think Ink – Florist Selling Only Black Roses
Ad: Unit G12, Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW (map)

Ww: miss.cakehead.wordpress.com
Fb: MissCakehead / TheKrakenRum

Tw: @Miss_Cakehead @TheKrakenRum_UK / #ThinkInk

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