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PHOTO ALBUM: Launch Party of #ThinkInk by @Miss_Cakehead & @TheKrakenRum_UK


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Think Ink – Black Flower Florist

A launch party was thrown on eve of Valentine’s Day to welcome the Black Florist from Kraken Rum and Miss Cakehead. For more details see this post.

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PREVIEW: Black Roses on Valentines Day? #ThinkInk by @Miss_Cakehead & @TheKrakenRum_UK (31 Pics)


Think Ink – Florist Selling Only Black Roses
Ad: Unit G12, Kingly Court, London, W1B 5PW (map)

Ww: miss.cakehead.wordpress.com
Fb: MissCakehead / TheKrakenRum

Tw: @Miss_Cakehead @TheKrakenRum_UK / #ThinkInk

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