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NEW TRADERS: ‘Hawker House’ introduces ‘Bad Brownie’ & ‘Hot Box’ (51 Pics)


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The weekend street food party, Hawker House, is half way through its 10 week run this spring which means a new trader line-up. Alongside old favourites are the inclusion of two brand new traders to Hawker House. An American BBQ team called ‘Hot Box’ and the maverick bakery ‘Bad Brownie’ with their outlandish flavour combos.

Hawker House is still on top form every Friday and Saturday with 10 food vendors. For their second half of their 10 week stint at Hawker House they have crowd favourites including ‘Kimchinary’ (kimchi tacos/burritos) and ‘Rainbo’ (gyoza) plus the introduction of Hawker House debutants ‘Bad Brownie’ and ‘Hot Box’ (American Barbecue).

London’s collective post Christmas hangover seems to be well and truly over as numbers were at pre-holiday levels when I visited on Saturday.


Hot Box – (American BBQ)

Note the smoke ring... from 'Hot Box'

Note the smoke ring… from ‘Hot Box’

‘Hot Box’ replace beef rib specialists ‘Miss P’s Barbecue’ (who are due to open their first restaurant in Notting Hill this year). They had an impressive looking smoking machine parked inside the venue, plumbed in with heavy duty extraction! A brief chat with them on Saturday reveals they will also be launching their own venue (of the same name) in the near future. Here is the beef rib, impressively ‘tease apart with a fork’ level of softness and light on seasoning for those of like your meat more ‘au natural’.

Ww: hotboxlondon.com | Fb: HotBoxLDN | Tw: @HotBoxLDN


Bad Brownie – (Outlandish Brownies)

Bad Brownie

Bad Brownie

I first encountered these guys at Maltby Street Market on a cold Saturday last year. This time they were probably thankful to be inside and shielded from the rain and wind. Think of them as ‘experimental’ brownie bakers. Their flavours are unique like ‘Oaxaca Chilli’ (Smoked Chillis with candy crunch and cranberries) and ‘Bacon & Maple Syrup’ (loaded with crisp bacon & maple, Candied bacon topping). I tried the ‘Oaxaca Chilli’ and can confirm that it has a good proper spicy after-kick! For those of you who like you mescal, you’ll recognise the smokiness immediately. It has a very similar flavour of ‘Gran Luchito’ smoked chilli paste who also trade at Maltby Street Market.

‘Bad Brownie’ appear to have swapped with the ‘You Doughnut’ girls taking their sweet treats pitch by the entrance of Hawker House.

Ww: www.19greekstreet.com/badbrownie | Fb: BadBrownieCo | Tw: @BadBrownieCo


Hawker House
Ad: Hawker House, 38-50 Pritchards Road, London, E2 9AP (map)
Ww: www.streetfeastlondon.com
Fb: StreetFeastLonion
Tw: @StreetFeastLDN / #HawkerHouse

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