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FEATURE: ‘The Conservatory’ Launch Party – @DeadDollsHouse, Hoxton Square (38 Pics)


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The Dead Dolls House resides in a former textile factory and is the latest home of the nomadic ‘Dead Dolls Club’ formally on Kingsland Road. This (already) spacious venue has continued to grow having taken over part of the adjacent building to add a ‘Conservatory’ to their ‘Parlour Bar’, ‘Dining Rooms’, ‘Drawing Room’, ‘Ballroom’, ‘Terrace’ and ‘Lodge’.



The Dead Dolls House is run by couple Adam Towner and Katy Gray Rosewarne. They started running Dead Dolls Club events at London Fields Brewery. The duo then took a small venue on Kingsland Road before taking over an abandoned textile factory in Hoxton Square and turning it into Dead Dolls House.

The venue was up and running last year but the opening of the brand new Conservatory extension is always a good excuse for a house party! I went along to take a look at the venue and see how the ‘Dolls duo’ have used the space.

How to take picture in high heels... as demonstrated by 'Heroine in Heels'

How to take picture in high heels… as demonstrated by ‘Heroine in Heels’

First impressions… this place is huge! There are three floors of pubic areas including multiple dining rooms, perfect for private hire. On the night most of the action was in the Parlour Bar where two bartender stations and a well stocked spirits bar kept the drinks flowing.

Food on the night was served by their Chef Chris Willis who provided dishes like “Scallops and Crispy Pigs Cheeks with Fennel and Apple”, great chunky “Veal Meatballs with Gremolata”, and for the veggies, “Tofu Salad with Wild Broccoli, Garlic and Chilli Oil”

Unlike many venues, the kitchen is surprisingly welcoming to other chefs. On Sundays the CHECKON team cook up Sunday lunch and supper clubs regularly pop-up in the venue including Mama Wangs.



Pigsaw! Pigs head anyone?

Pigsaw! Pigs head anyone?

Checkon is a food adventure run by Terrence Edwards (former Sous Chef at Hix Restaurants) and George Craig (Lead singer of indie band “One Night Only” and Burberry model). Their former projects include ‘Kebab Fingers’ a gourmet kebab popup and ‘Pigsaw‘ in July 2012. The latter was a one off event with Pizza Pilgrims which dissected an entire pig and cooked inside a mobile pizza oven and then re-assembled like a big meaty jigsaw before being turned into big porky sandwiches at The Endurance.

Ww: checkonpresents.com | Fb: (None) | Tw: @Checkon_


Mama Wangs

Mama Wangs Kitchen -  'Street Food, Pop-ups, and Cookery Classes.'

Mama Wangs Kitchen – ‘Street Food, Pop-ups, and Cookery Classes.’

Mama Wangs pride themselves on providing hand pulled noodles. They can be found at Street Markets such as KERB, running supper clubs at Dead Dolls House and other popup venues. As they boast on twitter, they are “Bringing fresh, regional Chinese food to London. Xian-style, hand-pulled ‘Biang Biang’ noodles. Street food. Pop-ups. Cookery classes”

Ww: www.mamawangskitchen.com | Fb: MamaWangsKitchen | Tw: @MamaWangs
All walls hand painted by Katy Gray Rosewarne

All walls hand painted by Katy Gray Rosewarne

Sadly the Dead Dolls House venue is earmarked for redevelopment and the Dead Dolls Club team will eventually have to move elsewhere. However, as the plans are thankfully delayed, this gives everyone extra time to enjoy the space and vibe which owners Adam and Katy have created.

London needs good spaces where supper clubs and ad-hoc events can take place. Although I’m sure that they will find a new site when the envitable happens, it will be a shame to see the place vanish, especially as co-owner Katy hand painted every room herself.

If you’re looking for an interesting food pop-up, a Sunday lunch from team CHECKON or a friendly cocktail venue, get down there while you still can!

NOTE: Many thanks to Adam Towner, Katy Gray Rosewarne and the Dead Dolls Club team for their invitation and hospitality.

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  • “The Conservatory at Dead Dolls House” by Laura J Hyatt

    Dead Dolls House
    Ad: 35 Hoxton Square, Hoxton, London, N1 6NN (map)
    Ww: www.thedollshouse.org
    Fb: The-Dead-Dolls-Club
    Tw: @DeadDollsHouse

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