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London Bus Stop Prank – Tigers, Aliens and Meteors in New Oxford Street by @PepsiMaxUK #LiveForNow


Clever Bus Stop Prank by Pepsi Max

In a fantastic use of augmented reality, the viral marketing team behind Pepsi Max made commuters believe that a meteor was landing, a tiger was roaming the streets and a giant octopus was dragging pedestrians into the sewers below New Oxford street

The prank used the technique of overlaying video on top of a live view of the street to create the illusion.


BRAZIL: The Curse of Chucky Bus Stop Prank

This isn’t the first time a company has been clever at bus stops. Last year Brazilians were pranked by a heart attacking promo for “The Curse Of Chucky”

Commuters waiting for a bus are put on edge with unexplained flicking lights and Chucky’s sinister laugh before be a midget actor bursts out of the bus stop and chases terrified commuters down the street

Not sure if that would be allowed in the UK but would love to see someone try that… reminds me of the old Japanese TV prank shows.


USA: The Devil’s Due, Animatronic Baby Prank

The Americans have also been in on the viral marketing this is this clever campaign for Devil’s Due

New Yorkers were pranked by an animatronic demon baby roaming around the streets of Manhattan in a remote controlled pram. The Devil baby violently sits upright and vomits green to share the living crap out of anyone who ventures close enough to investigate.

Do these campaigns work? I suppose it depends on the goal, if it is to raise awareness they definitely do. The videos are shared countless times and people are made aware. Personally, I had no idea that yet another sequel was made of the 80’s/90’s horror films. Although I have drunk a Pepsi Max, I didn’t visit to the cinema to see ‘Devil’s Due’ or run to the shops to buy the ‘straight-to-video’ movie ‘The Curse of Chucky’.

Pepsi Max
Ww: www.pepsi.com | Fb: PepsiMax | Tw: @PepsiMaxUK

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