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Instagram on your marshmallows ‘while-you-wait’ by @Boomf at @SelfridgesFood Hall


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Boomf – Instagram on marshmallows

Get your Instagram and Facebook images printed on little square marshmallows! This seems like a good gift for all you Instagram lovers!

I did tweet about this fun little company in January 2014. They offer to send you a box of nine marshmallows personalised with your Instagram photos with edible ink. Personally I was rather hesitant to order as most marshmallows have rough surfaces and are quite porous. Assuming that they use a standard ink-jet printer I wondered if they would print anything more than a blurry smudge. However I had the chance to see their work in person today at Selfridges Food Hall.

Presented in a 3 x 3 box

Presented in a 3 x 3 box

In January they confirmed that you could only print your own images making it impossible to print a bunch of photos from a friend’s Instagram as a gift. However, their current website allows you to choose photos from Instagram or Facebook. Additionally there appears to be an option to select “photos of your friends”. (Note: Unfortunately I couldn’t get this to work on my laptop but that might be specific to me rather than a general issue.)

If you head to Selfridges Food Hall you will find the Boomf cart with some examples and their ink jet printer. The results are quite impressive, however the staff did suggest that designs with vivid colours and without fine details will work the best. The print quality is nowhere near a “birthday-cakes-with-a-photos-on-it” but as their own website states “remember we are printing on marshmallows here! It isn’t Retina Display.”

Boomf – Your Photos on Mallows
Order online or visit Selfridges Food Hall
Ww: boomf.com | Fb: Boomfmallows | Tw: @boomf

Selfridges Food Hall
Ww: www.selfridges.com/en/Food-Wine/ | Fb: The-Food-Hall-At-Selfridges | Tw: @SelfridgesFood


One comment on “Instagram on your marshmallows ‘while-you-wait’ by @Boomf at @SelfridgesFood Hall

  1. Hi,

    I too saw these at the selfridges food section and was amazed at how high quality the images were on the marshmallows and even tasted their samples on the side! They are just how marshmallows should be, soft and an almost liquid texture (I am against those spongey mass produced marshmallows you can get at the supermarket).

    Anyway just to let you and your readers know, my website is officially the first UK independent online retailer of boomf marshmallows. Feel free to order through us for a 10% discount running until December. http://www.sortedgifts.com

    Thanks and great blog by the way!

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