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NEW SUNDAY COLLABORATION: Dirty Tommi’s (@DirtyBonesLDN & @BurgerJointUK )


Dirty Bones - The Classic Yankee dog

Dirty Tommi’s at Dirty Bones
Dirty Bones, 20 Kensington Church Street, High Street Kensington, W8 4EP (map)
020 7920 6434

Fancy getting a little dirty on the weekend? Icelandic Burger boys Tommi’s Burger Joint are teaming up with Dirty Bones on Sundays for a collaboration full of burgers, hot dogs and lots more Southern influenced comfort food.

Chefs Ross Clarke of Dirty Bones and Siggi Gunnlaugsson of Tommi’s Burger Joint are collaborating to bring the best of both venues to West London on Sundays from Dirty Bones near High Street Kensington who will be opening on Sundays for the venture.

From what I can gather it will be a hardcore filthy mashup blend from both venues. Somehow I don’t think this is aimed towards those who want Sundays to be a ‘day of rest’ from meat.

Siggi Gunnlaugsson, Tommi’s Burger Joint

Siggi Gunnlaugsson, Tommi’s Burger Joint

Ross Clarke, Dirty Bones

Ross Clarke, Dirty Bones

The special Dirty Tommi’s menu will include signature dishes from each restaurant including the Classic Yankee Dog, and Tommi’s Steak Burger, as well as a number of unique mashed up recipes, created exclusively by Ross and Siggy such as: Tommi’s Burger Dog (Tommi’s burger served doggy style, with confit onion, Dirty Bones short rib, crispy shallots, dirty cheese sauce & dill pickles); Dirty Mac Burger (Tommi’s beef patty, Dirty Bones steak glaze, charred lettuce, topped with Dirty Bones mac & cheese); and the seriously dirty, Dirty Fried Chicken Burger (Dirty Bones fried chicken in spiced cornflour, with DB spicy salsa verde, smokey chipotle, sweetcorn mayo & crispy chicken skin topped with spicy pickles).

As well as the main dishes, Dirty Tommi’s will be showcasing a selection of juicy sides including: Sloppi Dirty Fries (Triple cooked fries covered in Tommi’s sloppi joe mince, topped with Kimchi sauce & spring onions. Served with Dirty Bones gravy); Dirty Mac & Cheese (Pecorino dolce based macaroni, chipotle, smoked paprika, Montgomery cheddar & cream cheese sauce, topped with toasted panko breadcrumbs); and for those looking for a lighter dish (why?) the Chopped Salad (Chopped baby gem lettuce, fresh cucumber, pickled cucumber, sliced radish, cherry tomatoes, pickled garlic & spring onion, Dirty Bones San Pellegrino dressing).

Dirty Tommi's - Food Menu

Dirty Tommi’s – Food Menu

Dirty Tommi's Food menu

Dirty Tommi’s Drinks Menu

Starts on 28th Sep 2014
Booking Requests info@dirty-bones.com

Dirty Tommi’s at Dirty Bones
Ww: dirty-bones.com / www.burgerjoint.co.uk
Fb: dirtybonesLDN / TommisBurgerJoint
Tw: @DirtyBonesLDN / @BurgerJointUK

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