No longer confined to a “less than 5% meat” hog dog on a Friday night. London has become a vibrant home for passionate street food vendors and pop-up venues serving the best of global cuisine at affordable prices.

Look out for news and reviews on the best restaurants, markets and vendors.

Any Recommendations?

Street-Food Markets
www.streetfeastlondon.com – Friday Nights from 18h00-00h00 @ Dalston Yard

www.kerbfoodcom – Tue – Fri 11h00-14h30  @ Kings Boulevard nr Kings Cross



London is host to some of the best bars and bartenders in the world. Bartending (or mixology) is a fine art. Where a top chef will mix and match food, a top bartender has to do the same job with drink… often in a shorter timeframe.

Look out for news and reviews on events, the drinks industry, bars and spirits.


www.ginmonkey.co.uk – For “independent, impartial cocktail bar reviews”

@wilkes888 - London based Food & Drink-o-phile London restaurants

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  1. Hi there.

    We like your blog. Would you like to join Followmyeats affiliates program for cross advertising your blog? Drop us an email


    FME Team

    • Many thanks for your email. I will be migrating my blog (and potentially changing the name) so I will consider it after the move.

      Any suggested blog names appreciated…

  2. I like the current blog name, concise and to the point

  3. Looks like this blog could have been quite interesting but sadly, the sheer incessant frequency of pointless mail outs has done for me. Boozedude, without the “potentially pithy commentary” you keep promising all context is lost, and emails with lone pictures are both somewhat pointless and rather annoying. Rectify this and maybe i’ll get back involved but otherwise, i’m sorry to say i’m out! Good luck with the blog…

    • No worries – thank for the feedback. I’m still trying to find my feet as I’ve only been doing this for 2 months (as of today).

      My intention was to try posting anything that catches my eye and then update with commentary afterwards, however I haven’t got the balance right.

      If anyone knows a way to get auto-posts generated BUT KEEPING THEM IN DRAFT please let me know, then I could update the notes BEFORE sending them out.

      Will let you know if (or when) I can get everything working more smoothly.

  4. Thanks for the gracious response.

    We all make mistakes starting out on something, but what’s good is that you recognise the issue too and can take (constructive) criticism. I expect you’ll go far with that kind of approach!

    Albeit, once you’ve figured out how to keep posts in draft…

  5. […] photo courtesy of @Wilkes888 – check out his food blog here. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet Tags: 2012, Borough Market, Brick Lane, Broadway Market, […]

  6. Hi there! I am the photographer who photographed four horsemen and the oesphogaus, thanks for blogging the mercedes drive thru experience and for documenting my images 🙂 what did you think of the experience?

  7. Hello! I write on behalf of my employer (a 24/7 U.S. news network). We are very interested in including your image of the Kerbisher and Malt Fish & Chips in a food-focused segment. Can you give us permission to use the photo?

    Please drop me an email — I’ll send you our standard release form and any other info you’d like. Thank you!!

    • Sure… send me your email and I’ll reply (I’ll make sure it doesn’t appear publicly)

      Provided that you credit me and this blog that’s all OK.

  8. This blog is awesome. I would say you are ‘living it up’ Sir. To satisy my curiosity, if you would, how did you start out?

  9. Are you free on 9th Oct? Have slot for judge-of-the-day at cocktail competition. . . 🙂

  10. Hi, Please cam you send me your email address so I can send you a press release?

  11. Could I take your email address please for an invitation. Thanks Sarah

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