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New & Coming Soon…


What’s going on?

I have been getting lots of enquiries about new places that are coming up for food and drink. So here’s a simple list of everything that’s upcoming that I know about…

I’ve tried to include a link to a website and the Twitter account (if they have one!)

SUGGESTIONS WELCOME THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! Next task, add brief descriptions and addresses! Last Update 03-Jul-2013

    Thu 11-July

  • STREETART SHOW: VII Group Show Stolen Space Gallery
    Ad: 17 Osborn Street, Shoreditch, London, E1 6TD
    Confirmed Artists Include: Aaron Rose, Andrew Mcattee, Arth Daniels, C215, CharlieAnderson, Cope2, Cyrcle, D*Face, Dave Kinsey
    David Bray, EINE, Greg Lamarche, Jack Murray, Jim Houser, Joram Roukes, Josie Morway, Julie Impens, Kai & Sunny, Kelly Allen, Kirsty Whiten, Maya Hayuk, Michael De Feo, Mysterious Al, Ramon Maiden, Reka, Rone, Ronzo, Ryan Callanan, Sally Fuerst, Simon WG Butler, Stefan Strumbel, Toshi, Twoone, Usugrow, Vinnie Nylon, Word To Mother, XOOOOX
    Ww: www.stolenspace.com

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