COMING SOON: Tommi’s Burger Joint (Marylebone Lane)

Tommi’s Burger Joint 58 Marylebone Lane, Marylebone, London

I walked past this venue-in-progress in Marylebone Lane. It had a tantalising ‘coming soon’ sign and a piece of paper in the window explaining that “Iceland’s Leading burger group, Tommi’s Burger Joint Comes to town in June 2012 with the opening of its first UK site in Marylebone.”

This venture is owned by Tommi Tómasson of Hamborgara Bullan, a Finnish burger chain. Tommi himself will be flipping burgers in Marylebone with his head chef Siggi Gunnlaugsson for the opening few months.

Interestingly Tommi is known for opening the first Hard Rock Café in Iceland at a cost of USD$4.5 million and ran for 10 years from 1987.

According to his own website

Tommi Tómasson is known as the guy who brought hamburgers to Iceland. He’s made and lost two fortunes flipping burgers in Reykjavík. – www.bullan.is

Keeping in line with his sites in Iceland, burgers will be “cooked on American gas grills to enhance the charcoal flavour”. As a novice to BBQ, that statement confuses me. Is it a gas grill, a charcoal grill, or a combination grill? How does a gas grill enhance the charcoal flavour? Who knows?

The restaurant will have 25 covers and will have “an informal vintage feel with mismatched recycled furniture, banquette seating and retro high stools. Adorning the walls will be American Memorabilia, movie posters and shots of pop culture icons from Jonny Cash to The Sopranos”. Unfortunately that makes me think that this will be a mini-Hard Rock Café rather than a venue for the serious burger aficionado. However, the proof of the patty will be in the eating!

Given that today is 02nd July this place should be open now. However, directory enquiries does not list a telephone number and I cannot find any reference to Tommi’s opening as yet.

Will update when I find further information.

Ww: www.bullan.is

2 comments on “COMING SOON: Tommi’s Burger Joint (Marylebone Lane)

  1. Tommi’s burgers are the best burgers in Iceland 😉 And the most popular. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with these sweaty explosions of flavour 😀

    • They were supposed to open last Friday in London. I have been in touch with the PR company here who are going to send me the press release as soon as it’s available

      The partners did promise that they would open on Monday but that hasn’t happened. I walked past today and there was a “coming soon sign in the window and they were having a meeting.

      Will update everyone when I find out more!

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