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What should I eat at @TasteOfLondon? (Day 2 – 81 Pics, Slideshow, Vine)


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Taste Of London 2014
Regents Park, Marylebone Road Entrance, NW1 5HA (map)

Day 2 of Taste of London

These are pictures from the second day of Taste of London 2014. There are more images than the first day however captions are subject to correction as I’m rushing to complete this before visiting Street Feast London’s first public night of Model Market in Lewisham. Have a great weekend everyone.

What should I eat?

That’s all down to personal taste… and bear in mind that I didn’t possibly try everything. However three good dishes to seek are;

  • Hanger Steak with Chop Shop Steak Sauce by Chop Shop
  • Churrasco de Chorizo Steak by Gaucho Grill
  • Dorset Oyster & Chicken Caillette by Sixty One Restaurant

Have a grea

FAQ: “Is it really worth it?”

I’ve had a few questions asking whether it is worth attending… the answer to that depends on what you’re seeking. If you’re looking for a taster of some of London’s high profile restaurants this is a way to do that quickly, without breaking the bank (well, relative to visiting all the venues individually).

The portion sizes are definitely not large and cost anything between £4-12 each. However, to put that into context, restaurants like La Gavroche are typically £130 a head (Source: Andy Hayler) so these small taster plates are not outrageous in this context. However, compared to any street food market the prices are higher, but as they say, you’re comparing apples to oranges.

If you’re simply looking for good food and can forego the celebrity chefs, cooking demonstrations and talks a good (and cheaper) alternative this weekend is to visit Street Feast London or KERB this Saturday if you want to try lots of good food for a lower price point than the Michelin Starred venues on offer at Taste Of London.

Taste of London
Ad: Regents Park, Marylebone Road Entrance, NW1 5HA (map)
Ww: london.tastefestivals.com
Fb: TasteLondon
Tw: @TasteOfLondon

One comment on “What should I eat at @TasteOfLondon? (Day 2 – 81 Pics, Slideshow, Vine)

  1. Ooh you took a pic of those deep-fried Korean spicy seaweed rolls with gooey glass noodle filling – obsessed!

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