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UPDATED: Borderlands 2 : Waiting in the bungee jump queue?

Borderlands 2 FREE Bungee Jump
Ely Yard, The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

UPDATE 26-SEP-2012: These first two guys DIDN’T ACTUALLY JUMP after waiting for over 20 hours in the rain. I ran into them leaving the venue.

However I have had contact from 48 year old Stephen Mazonis (Twitter: @anything_but). He was the 3rd in the queue and the first to jump. He was actually jumping for his son who broke his leg in the summer – MASSIVE KUDOS TO STEPHEN!

There are a LOT of people here queuing for the Borderlands 2 Free Bungee jump at the Truman Brewery. These two guys, Pete and Dave were at the front of the queue.

“We’ve been here since 2… yesterday” -Dave

The event is 10h00-16h00. I arrived 15 minutes before the start to find at least 300 people in front of me! By 10h30 the queue extended all the way back to Commercial Street. I spoke to a few guys about 200 behind Pete and Dave, who arrived around 08h00. I told one guy he was insane, not for bungee jumping, but for waiting.

“What else am I gonna do on a Sunday, I’m gonna wait… I’m gonna jump and get my free game!”

When I left at 10h30, the crane hadn’t even been erected yet! Assuming that it takes 3 minutes per bungee and there were 300 people in front of me. That means waiting for over 3 hours and they haven’t even started!

To all of you HARDCORE gamers getting soaked in the queue, I salute you… from the coffee shop around the corner where’s it’s nice and dry!

VENUE: The Truman Brewery
Ww: www.trumanbrewery.com
Tw: @trumanbrewery

One comment on “UPDATED: Borderlands 2 : Waiting in the bungee jump queue?

  1. I hear ya, I did a walk around the queue around 10:30 and overheard someone from the organizing team say they would be ready in about “10 or 15 minutes”.

    Cheers from a dry gamer.

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