Gangnam Style – The most liked video ever on YouTube!

Gangnam Style is a viral music video which has become the “most liked” clip in YouTube’s history. It is also the most indescribable, hilarious, insane acid-trip of a music video I’ve have ever seen.

OK, this had nothing to do with food or drink but it made me laugh… a lot! This Korean-Pop now has over 240 million hits and over 2.4 million likes.

Imagine a Korean version of “Sexy & I know it” (LMFAO) mixed with internet meme “Where The Hell Is Matt” and a touch of “You Can’t Touch This” (MC Hammer).

Gangnam is an affluent district in Korean, kinda like Chelsea/Knightsbrige, and he’s singing the praises of the girls who are classy during the day and hot at night.

Psy is an established rap artist in South Korea and studied in The Berkely School of Music. His English is more than adequate to garner interviews on “The Ellen Show” and “The Today Show” in the US. He’s become so popular that Saturday Night Live had a sketch with him in their season première.

Why is it so popular? Well just look on YouTube for “Reaction Videos” to this track and you can see that it has people falling about laughing. Take a look for yourself, as there are rumours that it COULD hit number one in the UK singles chart today!

Tw: @psy_oppa

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2 comments on “Gangnam Style – The most liked video ever on YouTube!

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