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FEATURE: Be quick! KERB are back at CanaryWharf this week (42 Pics)


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KERB, the popular London street food collective, returns to feed the lunchtime crowds at Canary Wharf. Find them every day between 11h00-15h00 on Wood Wharf (Mon 17th – Fri 21 Feb, 2014)

Over the bridge to Wood Wharf

Over the bridge to Wood Wharf

I often hear grumblings from those who work in Canary Wharf about the lack of variety on offer for lunch. For the few of you actually manage to get lunch, unlike most of my ex-clients, the KERB collective is back at Wood Wharf with approx 12 traders every day this week. (For the up to date list see their Canary Wharf trader schedule.)

Judging from my visit on Tuesday it appears the large queues seemed to gather around the well known traders. The Rib Man (rib meat rolls with the infamous ‘Holy Fuck‘ or ‘Christ on A Bike‘ hot sauce); Spit & Roast (Buttermilk fried chicken), ironically from an ex-Investment Banker; Bleecker Street Burger (from an ex-Corporate Attorney).

Notably, one of the newer traders was gathering a lot of attention with their wok skills. If you like stir fry, seek out ‘Bank Wok’ who serve freshly cooked pad thai from a converted TukTuk/Kitchen.

Unfortunately KERB is not a permanent fixture at Wood Wharf as they only seem to appear a few times a year. So if you want to break the monotony of the ‘Canary Wharf Lunch’, run down there for the rest of the week as it may be a while until they’re back!


KERB at Canary Wharf
Mon 17 – Fri 21 Feb 2014
Ad: Wood Wharf, Preston’s Rd, Poplar, London, E14 9SB (map)

Ww: www.kerbfood.com
Fb: kerbfood
Tw: @KERB_

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