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POP-UP: Good & Proper Tea at Tokyo Bike (12 Pics)


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The ‘oh-so-frightfully British’ street food vendor ‘Good & Proper Tea’ have set up a tea bar inside the Tokyo Bike store near Old Street. They will be in residence for a month bringing tea and tea tasting sessions to the Shoreditch crowds.

Tea and bikes

Tea and bikes

Good & Proper Tea proclaim to be on a mission “To bring really, really good tea to the streets of London”. Since being ‘Kickstarted’ into existence in 2012 they serve from a converted 1974 Citroen H Van and can be found at KERB’s Kings Cross site and other street market venues across London.

However, in a rather good excuse to shelter from the winter weather, they have bolted into Tokyo Bike near Old Street where they have a selection of teas and are offering £10 ‘tea tasting evenings’. These are promised to include a ‘tea cocktail’ so well worth a gander.


This informal Tea Tasting evening will take place at tokyobike’s store in Shoreditch. G&P founder Emilie will give a brief background about tea, where it is grown and how it is then picked, processed and made into the drink we know and love. We will then brew a selection of G&P teas, describing and tasting together the different types, how they differ, their characteristics and how each should be brewed. We will also discuss how to make a perfect cup of tea at home.

The session will begin at 7pm and last approx 1 hour, finishing with a complimentary tea cocktail. There will also be an opportunity to purchase the teas & teaware to take home.

Toyko Bike have a range of distinctively traditional looking bicycles and seem to be very popular with the ‘Shoreditch hipster’ movement. They claim “the bikes are designed to be light to ride with an emphasis on comfort over speed. The bike is simply a way to enjoy your city, as much about the journey as the destination”. They also offer a bike hire scheme where you can test one out for £15 a day.

Kickstarter and the Street Food Scene

Kickstarter is a crowd funding platform used to raise capital for projects from the arts to business. Unlike traditional investment, the project owner doesn’t need to give away part of company. Instead, investors are offered incentives such as discounts or products in exchange for financial backing.

Good & Proper Tea on Kickstarter

Good & Proper Tea on Kickstarter

Burger Bear - On Kickstarter now

Burger Bear – On Kickstarter now

Good & Proper Tea is a Kickstarter project “Bringing better cups of tea to the streets of London: loose leaf, custom-brewed and served from a 1974 Citroen H van.” and was successfully funded in Nov, 2012.

The Kickstarter platform seems to be popular with street food scene. The Rib Man smashed his £10,000 target, raising £16,501 for his project to turn a shopping container into a kitchen to boost production of his infamous hot sauces.

Tom Reaney, better known as ‘Burger Bear’ also seems to like shopping containers. He is currently at £20,000 of his £30,000 target to fund his first restaurant. This will be constructed from multiple stacked containers. His project has 16 days left, if you’re interested in funding you have until Sun, Mar 16 2014 to make a pledge.

Good & Proper Tea at Tokyo Bike
Tue-Fri 11h00 to 19h00 / Sat & Sun 11h00 to 17h00
Ad: Tokyo Bike, 87-89 Tabernacle Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 4BA (map)

Good & Proper Tea
Ww: goodandpropertea.com | Fb: goodandpropertea | Tw: @goodpropertea

Tokyo Bike
Ww: tokyobike.co.uk | Fb: TokyobikeUK | Tw: @tokyobikeuk

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