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REVIEW: #WholeyCow by @ByronVan_ at @CamdenBrewery


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Wholey Cow! By Byron Hamburgers at Camden Town Brewery

Can you eat an entire cow? This is the question Byron are attempting to answer this weekend on Fri 30th and Sat 31st Aug. The Byron van will arrive at Camden Town Brewery with one huge 375 kg beast turned into steaks, burgers, ribs, a chilli, and even a bloody mary!

Byron‘s head of product development, popular burger chef Fred Smith (former burger master of The Admiral Codrington) is heading to Camden Town Brewery to serve up an entire cow to hungry Londoners in various forms. From the Byron website it appears to be a bovine version of the ‘nose-to-tail’ eating concept.

Wholey Cow - Menu

Wholey Cow – Menu

“There’s a lot of beef in one large cow, the finest cow Byron could find in the finest fields in Scotland, and they are taking it from that field and following it through to the grill. To celebrate the whole beast they will be using it in a big cook-out with the forequarter going in to burgers, the tasty under-used parts are going into a mega chilli, the ribs will be slow-cooked; there’ll also be mac ‘n’ cheese hash browns (seriously!) and other incredible sides.”

Byron Hamburgers

Wholey Cow - Bloomin' Neck Burger (6 Oz Hamburger, Slow-Cooked Shortrib, Shredded Iceberg, Pickels, Smokey Onion & Mustard Sauce)

Wholey Cow – Bloomin’ Neck Burger (6 Oz Hamburger, Slow-Cooked Shortrib, Shredded Iceberg, Pickels, Smokey Onion & Mustard Sauce)


(6 Oz Hamburger, Slow-cooked shortrib, shreddedc iceberg, pickles, smokey onion & mustard sauce)

This burger had a lovely bite, to be expected if it contained muscle holding up the head of a 375Kg animal! However, it had a nice rich flavour. Personally I like slow cooked brisket cuts so this was great for me.

Wholey Cow - Mac 'N' Cheese Has Browns (a peek inside)

Wholey Cow – Mac ‘N’ Cheese Has Browns (a peek inside)


(Three cheese macaroni, panko crust)

This was a extremely decadent side. Presented as two triangles of deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese. If you were fortunate enough to try the Trailer Trash Burger from Neil Rankin’s Pitt Cue Co Trailer last summer. (a burger made from mac ‘n’ cheese) this is a must try for you! Beware, they come straight off the fryer at a lava-like temperature so don’t ram them into your mouth (I saw one girl do with obvious consequences!)


Fantastic idea by Byron! I’m all for using everything we can. There are a lot of underrated cuts of meat out there and with lot of talk about eating insects as an alternative it’s nice to see that those in the meat industry are trying to encourage us to be as efficient as possible with our food.

Personally I would’ve liked to have seen a picture of the beast before it was slaughtered… That’s the best homage we could pay for a fine animal who gave its meat to serve over 800 Londoners!


ORGANISER: Byron Hamburgers
(Friday 30th: 6pm-11pm / Saturday 31st: noon-11pm)
Ww: www.byronhamburgers.com/news/wholey-cow-30th-31st-august
Tw: @ByronVan_ / #WholeyCow

VENUE: Camden Town Brewery
Ad: 55-59 Wilkin Street Mews, NW5 3NN (map)
Ww: www.camdentownbrewery.com
Tw: @CamdenBrewery

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