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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: What is @NightTalesLDN like? (42 Pics)


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Night Tales launched last night. This carpark based street food, multiple bar, DJ lead party is 5 minutes walk from the former Street Feast venue which also returns this week.

Today I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from curious fun seekers… so here are my answers…

NOTE: These pictures are ‘first cut’ and have been edited hastily to get them out to you quickly! Apologies for the quality.

  • Was it busy? Hell yes, the venue was packed when I had to duck out at 19h00 to attend another event. In fact there was a queue of over 200 people waiting to get in… expect Street Feast style queues and GET THERE EARLY!

  • What are the hours? These guys are open Thu 18h00 to 23h00, Fri 18h00-00h00, Sat 15h00-00h00

  • What food is on offer? Last night I counted 5 food vendors. Bao (Gao Bao/Hirata Buns), Patty & Bun Joe (Burgers), Smokey Tales (BBQ Meats), Rainbo Food (Gyoza specialist) and Le Petit Paris (French). As expected the biggest queues were for Bao and Patty & Bun Joe.

  • What drinks are on offer? There are three bars…

    1. Negroni Bar – set up by Rik Patel (of Casita Bar) near the entrance
    2. Mezcal Bar – run by the Mel of QuiQuiRiQui on a mezzanine level above the beer and wine bar, and DJ booth.
    3. Beer – There is a long bar with multiple pumps from Meantime which also serve cocktails. I assume that the serve wine too.

  • Is it ‘better’ than Street Feast at Hawker House? I can’t answer that as Street Feast at Hawker House opens tonight. Ask me again tomorrow! However the Street Feast gang is very experienced and has a huge loyal following so I expect that they will be a tough act to beat!

  • Any words of advice? If you love Patty & Bun or Bao and don’t fancy queuing get there as early as possible. When I left at 19h30 the queue was about 200-250 people deep.

  • Is it worth visiting? Definitely. At first glance it reminds me of Street Feast in Dalston yard but with less of a focus on food (there are only 5 food traders compared to Street Feast who regularly had 20 traders at each event). I hear that the organisers have strong ties to the DJ’ing community and has lined up some top names for the next few weeks, so keep an eye out on their twitter feed.

If you’re visiting let me know what you think of the venue!


Ad: Abbot Street Car Park, Dalston, London, E8 3DL (map)
Ww: None Found Fb: nighttalesLDN Tw: @NightTalesLDN

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