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NEW RESTAURANT: Pure Taste (Paleo & Coeliac Friendly) Fine Dining in Bayswater @PTRestaurants


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Pure Taste
115 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, W2 4UP (map)

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the ‘Paleolithic diet’ (or Paleo for the those rationing their syllables). From my understanding it is an attempt to mimic the diet of cavemen. Most notably it seems to shun any foods which became plentiful due to the advent of farming and domestication of animals. Whether this diet is beneficial or just a fad seems to depend on who you ask so I’ll let you research for yourselves.

“Pure Taste restaurant will be 100% gluten free, which means no gluten on site at all, whereas contamination is likely in restaurants with “gluten free options” on their menu.

Paleo & Gluten Free

Paleo & Gluten Free

Pure taste will also cater for those following the paleo diet, dairy free, grain free, legume free, egg free, low carb, low FODMAP, vegetarian and vegan, to name a few. The menus at Pure Taste will change monthly and focus on seasonal, local ingredients and free-range or wild meats and fish. The restaurant will also have an exclusively organic and biodynamic wine list as well as a range of gluten-free beers, ciders, alcoholic and non- alcoholic cocktails.”

The Pure Taste restaurant is a Kickstarter funded restaurant by Holly Redman, a coeliac Chef, “Nutritional therapist, chef and chemistry graduate”. Previously a monthly pop-up held in Sussex this is their first permanent restaurant on Westbourne Grove on the borders of Bayswater and Notting Hill. Curiously their Kickstarter page shows that only sought to raise £30,000, small change considering London’s current restaurant rent levels.

“The project is a culmination of everything I love and my experiences so far. The scientist in me loves the scientific challenges of working with unusual ingredients, while the nutritionist and chef relish being able to create amazing, healthy dishes that people will love to eat, whether or not they have food sensitivities”

Chef Holly Redman – Pure Taste

Regardless of the benefits of eating like a caveman, I do have a friend with a severe coeliac condition. He spent a week recuperating in hospital after his (now ex-)girlfriend indadvertedly contaminated his toaster with regular bread. Eating out with him has always been challenging so I’m pleased that somebody is catering to that market. However, past experience with ‘specialist diet’ restaurants has taught me to be cautious as I often find them lacking. (Mainly looking at you London vegetarian venues)

If they can live up to their promise of “a gourmet menu and fine dining experience, which would impress any culinary audience” I will be genuinely impressed. Their website shows photographs interchangeable with any high end restaurant in London so hopes are high.

Maybe I should find a big hairy caveman (or cavewoman) to bring along for dinner…

LAUNCH DETAILS: “Pure Taste’s official opening will be on 3rd December, bookings are available from 1st November.”

Pure Taste
Ad: 115 Westbourne Grove, Bayswater, W2 4UP (map)
Ph: 020 7727 5000
Ww: puretasterestaurant.com | Fb: PureTasteRestaurant | Tw: @ptrestaurants

One comment on “NEW RESTAURANT: Pure Taste (Paleo & Coeliac Friendly) Fine Dining in Bayswater @PTRestaurants

  1. Great article. I’m so excited Holly is opening Pure Taste. Having experienced her delicious fare at the pop-up restaurant last year, we had no hesitation in backing her new venture through Kickstarter. I really doubt you will find Pure Taste to be lacking in anything but look forward to reading your review when you’ve tried it! And good luck Holly!

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